Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wow..this long

Seems like I just posted one few weeks ago....*shrugs* .  Life at the tables has been brutal, particularly on Merge.  I've been running like crap on there since BF and i'm not happy about that.  Revolution has been blah as well, but that's been about break even since my 3rd in their major.  Great news came out earlier this week about Pokerstars buying FTP.  Even though I only had couple hundred tied up on there still be a nice little unexpected bonus, but i'm not counting that money til it's in my account.  The government isn't known for being fair when it comes to money.  Seems like as long as their pockets are being lined then everything is good.  But still this is exciting news for many of my friends who have thousands tied up on that site.

Still trying to figure out wth is going on with ADZ and this Samer fella.  Not sure what's true and not but here's the 2+2 thread... .  ADZ seems to enjoy being in the middle of all sorts of things.

Well until next time.  Good luck on the virtual felt


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