Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wow..this long

Seems like I just posted one few weeks ago....*shrugs* .  Life at the tables has been brutal, particularly on Merge.  I've been running like crap on there since BF and i'm not happy about that.  Revolution has been blah as well, but that's been about break even since my 3rd in their major.  Great news came out earlier this week about Pokerstars buying FTP.  Even though I only had couple hundred tied up on there still be a nice little unexpected bonus, but i'm not counting that money til it's in my account.  The government isn't known for being fair when it comes to money.  Seems like as long as their pockets are being lined then everything is good.  But still this is exciting news for many of my friends who have thousands tied up on that site.

Still trying to figure out wth is going on with ADZ and this Samer fella.  Not sure what's true and not but here's the 2+2 thread... .  ADZ seems to enjoy being in the middle of all sorts of things.

Well until next time.  Good luck on the virtual felt


Monday, June 11, 2012

so close yet so far

As Sunday's have gone...they haven't been good to me basically since i started playing poker.  All of my major scores have been mid week......til this past Sunday.  3rd in the Revolution 100k for $10k.  Definitely not my biggest score....but my biggest by far since BF.  Was a good feeling.  Even though 3 handed my KK got caught by 23o I still was very proud with how I played.  Rail was fun (i usually clown a bit at FT's, I think it a) throws off some of the players from their game and b)usually relaxes me a bit. 

It's hard to believe that after Merge's "downgrade", yes i refuse to call it an upgrade, just how bad it is.  Could they have picked a worse time to roll out such an atrocity.  I used to think the cake software was bad...oops...grats merge.

As I forgot to mention in my last post...a BIG grats goes to Manderbutt, for her second place at the WSOP.  A fellow pxfer it's always great to see good things happen to fellow members.  Though I never had a chance to say hi to her at the wsop circuit in west palm as she seemed to be focussing on her table or someone else was chatting with her.  I always feel awkward just walking up to strangers to talk.  I always feel like i'm intruding on them.

Til next on the virtual felt


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So far so good

Well my first night playing on the new "revolution" site on the cake skin and got a win...woo was a $30 5k for 1.1k.  Praying the lock RNG didn't make the move over as well to all the skins...whew...dodged that bullet ;).  If you're just starting to play poker it's good to have a friend or 2 to bounce things off of or just talk bout hands.  It's good to have a little bit of every level in my opinion so you stay sharp on all aspects of the game.  If you just talk to the high rollers their plays are intended for most thinking players where when u mud it up in the lower buyins those 5th lvl thinkers are few and far between.  But those are the ideas you want to be able to utilize as you progress through your poker learnings. Gonna put a small grind session tonight on cake then off to real work for a few nights (yuck!!).

Good luck on the virtual felt


Monday, June 4, 2012

The Lock move

Well it's my first night since lock moved to a cake skin.  I wish they would have changed structures and starting stacks prior to the move.  It's really disappointing to start with 2k with the cake structure that is a little faster than an already fast merge structure.  I've been running pretty bad for quite some time so this move does bring a breath of fresh aire my way.  Though the first night seems to be the same merge  Usually moves like this are met with alot of outrage from the poker community.  But we'll let lock get it's updates out as i've heard they are supposed to make changes to the software/structures/schedule and so forth.  The schedule they have out isn't too bad....It could be really good if the guarantees increase as i'm not sure if they started low to see the response or started high to attract players at first. 

Til next time


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

so close yet so far

Well yesterday started out as a horrible day but finished as a nice one....close to a VERY nice I got a 3rd in Daily Double B and a 6th in the FTP 50/50. All evening I could not remember a time when I lost so many 70/30's as I did...mostly AK v Ax, but other times too. Very disappointed in myself in the 50/50 as my KO hand could have been avoided pf. Oh well...shit happens.

Thanx for the rail fellas was fun.

Will fire up another day later today and hopefully I can keep the streak going of deep runs (and maybe finish a couple this time)

I posted Million's Blog and the one funny thing he posts is his hater of the day...funny stuff.

Alright...until next time


Monday, November 15, 2010

Good weeks are nice

After gettin into a couple K of makeup the first week or so of November has been good. Took down the 5pm rush $26 mtt on full tilt (obv on fulltilt) than about a week later took down the $11 25k on stars. Good week for the br/backers and for my confidence. Sometimes you start doubting urself when u get on just a little bit of a downswing. This was by far not my worst, but a downswing nonetheless.

I go to Vegas first to second week of December. First trip for the wife to Vegas so should be fun. She has a respiratory national conference there so perfect excuse for me. Good chance to meet couple of Skype buddies i've never met and get reaquainted with Vegas. Weeeee

I'll be putting up a new blog link shortly to Kyle Million's blog...very fun blog to keep track of.

Good luck on the Virtual Felt


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

keepin on the keepin on

Well i'm still making some deep runs it seems almost every night, but haven't been able to take a top 2 yet so that's the good and bad news. Last couple days have been bad for me as i've hurt my back somehow and can barely move. Had to call out of work for a couple days and hopin I feel better so i can go in to work tomorrow night.

Parents got a new Airedale so he will be fun to play with.

Mom started playin poker now on Pokerstars and it's fun watching a new donk ask the strangest questions. It'll be fun coaching her in the future. See how she does. That's it for now.

Good luck on the virtual felt